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Vis a Vis 2019: Ghana

Are you in a band and would you like to play live in Spain this summer? Well, register before 22th February at and participate in Casa África’s 2019 Vis a Vis, which is visiting Accra in March so that Spanish producers can hear you play … and you might find yourself with the opportunity to perform at a number of Spanish festivals!

Vis a Vis is the Professional Meeting between Spanish cultural promoters and African musicians which Casa África has been holding in Africa for ten years. It has two objectives: firstly, to ensure there’s more African music on Spanish stages through the tour the winning groups make to festivals participating in the programme, and secondly, to generate a cultural industry in Africa.

If you want to participate, send your group’s name and those of its members, up to three songs in MP3 format, videos (optional), website details, links, photos and contact information. From 15-17 March 2019, a delegation of Spanish producers and promotors will visit Accra to meet you

The main idea of ​​the project is to create a space for dialogue, building an environment conducive to negotiations and promoting meetings between business people, institutions and organizations from the Spanish music industry which have an interest in African music. It’s an opportunity for African artists to bring their ideas, creativity and aspirations to Spanish representatives.

Vis a Vis has already successfully been run over nine years (Senegal 2010, Cape Verde 2011, Ethiopia 2012, South Africa 2013, Tanzania 2014, Dakar 2015, Ivory Coast 2016Angola 2017 and Equatorial Guinea 2018), establishing itself as a powerful tool for disseminating African music in Spain, and this year it is coming to Accra, Ghana. For this year’s event, Casa África has the support of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Ghana.

Any music group from Ghana can register, regardless of style or language. The 12 groups selected will have the opportunity to play live from 15 to 17 March in Accra. From there, two bands or artists will be selected who will participate in a promotional tour of Spain in the summer of 2019, during which they will perform at some of the most important music festivals in the country.

See the terms and conditions

If you have any difficulty with registration or would like more information, send a message to 

Press release with the list of the 12 bands selected to perform in the Spain-Ghana Vis a Vis

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