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Vis a Vis 2023: Nigeria

Nigeria is the protagonist of the 12th edition of Casa Africa’s Vis a Vis project


After the first phase of selection of 12 Nigerian bands or singers from which the two winning artists or bands of the #VisaVisNigeria2023 edition will emerge, everything is now ready for the concerts that will take place on March 23 and 24 at the Balmoral Hall, in the city of Lagos. The Spanish producers and the audience will enjoy the rhythm and strength of these groups with which one of the most populated cities in Africa with 12 million inhabitants will vibrate.

Concert on March 23, Balmoral Hall, from 18:00 onwards:


The Klan Band




Oge Kimono & The Massive Dread Band

Concert on March 24, Balmoral Hall, from 18:00 onwards:

BabaOjonugwa J.F.O.

Zeeter Oliver

Ara Queen of Drums


The Sound Order

Ruth Mahogany

After the two days of concerts in which it will be possible to evaluate how the live performances of the selected bands are, the two winning groups or artists of #VisAVisNigeria2023 will be announced, but now it's time to enjoy the good music born in Nigeria, the African giant.


Do you have a band and want to play live in Spain this summer? Then register before 10 March on the event's website and take part in this new edition of Casa Africa’s Vis a Vis. We will visit Lagos from 23 to 25 March so that Spanish producers can listen to you and you'll have the opportunity to play at various Spanish festivals.

Since 3 February, the platform will be available for Nigerian musicians to register and upload their compositions, audiovisual and photographic material so that the Spanish programmers participating in the event can evaluate the works for the preliminary selection phase. They are looking for artists and bands of any style who aspire to become internationally known.

Vis a Vis is the Professional Meeting between Spanish cultural promoters and African musicians that Casa África has been holding for twelve years on the neighboring continent with a double objective: on the one hand, to guarantee a greater presence of African music on Spanish stages thanks to the tour that the winning groups make to the festivals participating in the program, and on the other hand, to generate cultural industry in Africa.

If you want to participate, send the name of the group and its members, up to three MP3 songs, videos (optional), website, links, photos and contact information until 10 March. From 23 to 25 March 2023, a delegation of Spanish producers and programmers will visit Lagos to meet you.

The main idea of the project is to provide a space for dialogue, creating an environment conducive to negotiations and promoting meetings between entrepreneurs, institutions and organizations in the Spanish music industry that have an interest in African music. African artists are given the opportunity to share their ideas, creations and aspirations with their Spanish interlocutors.

Casa África has the support of the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), the Spanish Embassy in Nigeria, the Consulate General of Spain in Lagos and the General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) for this 12th edition.

All Nigerian music groups, regardless of style or language, are welcome to apply. The 12 selected bands will have the opportunity to play live from 23-25 March in Lagos. Two bands or artists will be selected to participate in a promotional tour of Spain in the summer of 2023, during which they will perform at some of the most important music festivals in this country.


Check the rules and regulations


Press release

For any difficulty with registration or for more information, send a message to

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