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X Concurso Fotográfico 'Objetivo África': Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

The Casa África Consortium, with the aim of promoting cultural, educational and academic activities that improve mutual understanding between Spain and Africa, announces the “Africa Focus” Photographic Competition 2019, in accordance with the following


First. - Objective

  1. Casa África has announced the 10th “Africa Focus” Photographic Competition, which will award prizes for the photographs that best show the positive aspects of Africa. This year’s theme revolves around the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030, promoted by the UN and signed by 193 countries. Under the generic title Agenda 2030: Africa on the road to the SDGs we want to focus on Africa’s achievements and challenges whilst working to achieve the SDGs: health, education, gender equality, water, energy, employment, industry, urban growth, inequality, urban development, social relations, sustainability, culture, multiculturalism, environment, economy, social activism, responsible consumption, climate change, ecology, peace... Agenda 2030 is high on the agenda of governments around the world as their guide to quantifying progress and achieving results for a fairer, more equal and sustainable world. Initiatives, in short, that contribute to sustainable development of the continent and the world. We are interested in images that give us insight into what is happening in Africa, to the transformations that the continent is undergoing in all spheres, and that help spark a necessary debate: to show the diversity of the continent, the multiple facets and challenges that these 54 countries face to address the SDGs, and to move away from clichés or “single” images to portray an entire continent.
  2. The work must be original and unpublished and must not have received an award or be pending resolution in other contests, competitions or calls for submissions. The 10th “Africa Focus” Photographic Competition is looking for the photographs that best portray the challenges and transformation of the continent to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, reinforcing the positive aspects of the African continent and a vision that is less biased and stereotypical. To share the continent’s stories, focusing on the positive. Please note, photographs may not be more than 15 years old at the time of submission.
  3. The participant also guarantees the authorship and originality of the work presented and confirms that there are no third-party rights over it; the participant is responsible for any claims that may be made in this respect.

Second. - Participants

  1. Participation is open to any natural person of any nationality who is at least eighteen years of age on the closing date of the period for the admission of works.
  2. In the case specified in section d) of article 13 LGS, the exclusion as beneficiary of the Prize is extended to spouses, persons linked by an analogous relationship of affective cohabitation, ascendants and descendants, as well as second degree relatives by consanguinity or affinity, when there is a conflict of interest with the governing bodies of Casa África or the heads of the bodies to which the power to make the judgment has been delegated or those who act in their place.
  3. Presenting a submission for this Prize implies the acceptance and fulfilment of these requirements and of all the obligations established in these Terms and Conditions.
  4. The award will be made to an individual without admitting collaborative or collective works. Each participant may submit up to a maximum of five (5) photographs and must do so in their legal name; pseudonyms will not be accepted.

Third - Presentation of the work and documentation

  1. Each applicant may participate with a maximum of five (5) photographs. Submission will be made online through this specific digital platform. Photographs should be sent in JPEG format with a minimum resolution of 200 dpi and file-size between 1.5 MB and 5 MB.

    The following data must be included in the “Description” section of each work:

    • Description of each photograph and message it conveys
    • Place and date each photograph was taken

    Applicants who do not include this information may be excluded from the competition.
    The website will protect the authorship of the works, guaranteeing the anonymity and transparency of the judging process. Any query or concern in the participation process will be attended to through the e-mail
    Creativity and innovation in the technique used and the way the message is conveyed will also be valued. The description and the title of the photograph will also be evaluated under these criteria.

  2. If, after the jury’s decision, the winning photographer is not a Spanish national and/or is not a tax resident in Spain, they must provide the certificate of residence issued by their country’s tax authority in order to avoid international double taxation in the matter of tax withholding and to prove that they do not have tax residence in a country or territory that is legally classified as a tax haven. If this document is not provided, the deduction established by the current legislation for this situation would be applied.
  3. If the winner of the contest does not provide the required documentation or the subsequent verification that they have met the requirements established by the Law, they may be automatically excluded from the contest.

Fourth - Submission of applications and deadline

  1. The application for participation may be submitted from the date of publication of these terms and conditions until 23:59 Spanish time (GMT +1) on 12 December 2019

Fifth. - Jury

  1. Once received, the works will be evaluated by a jury made up of outstanding professionals in the field of the arts. The composition of the jury will be communicated once the judgment has been published. The jury will meet in the days after the submission period closes. The jury’s decision will be published on the Casa África website ( and on the social networks where Casa África has a presence. None of the members of the jury will be able to present themselves as a candidate for the prize.
  2. If the number of photographs submitted is very large, Casa África reserves the right to appoint a commission to make a preliminary selection of the works.
  3. It is the jury’s responsibility to interpret these Terms and Conditions and to submit the proposal for the awarding of prizes to the Director General of Casa África.
  4. Some or all of the prizes may be declared void if the number of images submitted is not sufficient or if the jury considers that none of the works meet the stated requirements.

Sixth. - Awards

  1. According to the jury’s assessment, the three best photographs will be selected and awarded the following prizes:
    The first prize will be endowed with 1,000 euros and the second and third prize will be endowed with 300 euros.
  2. For this purpose, there is a sufficient budgetary provision chargeable to the corresponding line in the 2019 budget of the Casa Africa Consortium.
  3. In no case may the prize be awarded to two works equally, i.e. there will be no possibility of a tie with the prize being awarded to two contestants because the two works are considered to be of equal quality.
  4. The payment of the prize is subject to the Spanish tax legislation in force at the time of payment, regardless of the winning photographer’s country of tax residence. Once Casa África has received a receipt or invoice from the winner, the prize amount will be credited by bank transfer to an account in the winner’s name. If the winner does not have a bank account, it may be paid by another means provided for in the legislation in force. In either case, the taxes or withholdings in force at the time of payment will apply.
  5. The photographers who submitted the three prize-winning images will be notified of their winning status via the e-mail address which they provided for communication purposes.
  6. Winners must reply to the message received, accepting the prize. If no reply is received within five calendar days of sending the e-mail, or if the e-mail address is incorrect or non-existent, the prize will automatically go to the next photograph selected by the jury.

Seventh. - Intellectual Property

  1. Participants authorize the reproduction, distribution and public communication of the images submitted, as well as their adaptation to the format necessary for their communication. These images will become part of Casa Africa’s archive, which may only be used for informative and non-profit purposes. This authorization does not imply exclusivity towards Casa África and photographers may use their images at their own discretion. If Casa África uses an image in public communication events, it will always mention the photographer’s name.
  2. The photographers selected in accordance with the previous paragraph authorise and transfer to Casa África the necessary rights to disseminate the images through the Casa África website and other platforms (international scope) for the maximum time allowed by the Intellectual Property Law (Royal Decree-Law 2/2018, of 13 April). The authors shall not be entitled to any financial compensation.

Eighth. - Award Decision

  1. Casa África will make public the resolution of the prizes within a maximum of 10 calendar days from the end of the participation period (before 22 December 2019). The decision will be published on the website ( and on the social networks in which Casa África is present.
  2. The awarding of the prize will also be communicated personally to the winners at the e-mail address they have designated for this purpose.

Ninth. - Acceptance of the Terms and conditions and jurisdiction

  1. Submission of entries to this contest does not generate any right to its participants until the prize has been granted by the official judgment of Casa África.
  2. Casa África reserves the right to declare the prize void.
  3. The effects of all the acts of procedure stated in this Contest will be understood conditioned by that, when the resolution of concession is emitted, by means of the decision of the jury and its later ratification by the Director General of Casa África, the same circumstances of fact and of right subsist as exist at the moment in which these acts were produced.
  4. Participation in this competition, through the sending of the documentation to opt for the prizes, implies the knowledge and acceptance of the terms and conditions of the present call for entries; the acceptance of the decisions of Casa África regarding the same; the commitment of the photographer not to withdraw the work before the ruling; to accept the prize if it is granted, or to reinstate it if the requirements established in the call are not met, as well as to submit any documents that may be necessary for the fulfilment of these Terms and conditions.
  5. For any controversy that must be settled by judicial means, the parties renounce their own jurisdiction and submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Tenth. - Data protection

  1. In accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act in force (Organic-Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on the Protection of Personal Data and the Guarantee of Digital Rights), Casa África informs the participants and they give their consent for the personal data they provide to be incorporated into a file to carry out:
    1. Their participation in the competition in accordance with its terms and conditions;
    2. The management and delivery of the prize in the event that it is awarded;
    3. Compliance with any tax or other obligations that may apply in relation to the competition prize.
  2. Likewise, with their participation in the contest the participants authorize that in the event that they are winners Casa África can publish their full name and image on the web pages or social media networks of Casa África or in any other medium, for informative purposes.
  3. The participants will confirm that the personal data provided to Casa África for the purposes of this promotion are true. The participants are responsible for communicating any changes to this data.
  4. Participants may at any time oppose the processing of their data to allow Casa África to send communications, news and activities, as well as exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by contacting Casa África in writing at the e-mail address with the reference “Data Protection”.

Eleventh. - Right of exclusion

The Casa África Consortium reserves the right to exclude any participant from the competition if any of the following circumstances arise:

- They register with false data. For this purpose, participants may be required to verify their data.
- They manipulate their participation in the competition in any fraudulent or artificial way.
- The jury considers that the work does not conform to the theme of the competition; it contains elements that in any way may be considered contrary to fundamental rights and public freedoms; it induces, incites or promotes actions which are criminal, denigrating, violent or, in general, contrary to law or public order; are protected by intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, without the participant having previously obtained the necessary authorization from their owners; violate the right to honor, personal and family privacy or an individual’s own image; may constitute advertising or incorporate elements which could damage the normal functioning of the network, system or computer equipment.
- These terms and conditions are breached in any way.

Twelfth - Waiver of Liability

  1. The Casa África Consortium is exonerated and will not be held responsible for the non-compliance of the participants in matters of intellectual, industrial or image property, or for any liability that may derive from the non-compliance or defective compliance by the competition participants in these Terms and Conditions.

Thirteenth. Appeal Process

  1. Against the present terms and conditions and against the decision to award the prizes, which exhaust the administrative route, interested parties may lodge an appeal for reinstatement before the Casa África Consortium within one month of the day following its publication, in accordance with the provisions of Law 39/2015 of 1 October of the Common Administrative Procedure of the Public Administrations; or directly lodge administrative litigation within 2 months of the day following its publication, in accordance with the provisions of Law 29/1998 of 13 July which regulates the Law on Administrative Disputes.

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