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II Encuentro de Mujeres Empresarias de la CEDEAO

Women in Africa face numerous socio-economic challenges and are subject to socio-cultural norms that affect their ability to live fully. However, what is encouraging is that African women have always been, and continue to be, resilient, despite the daily obstacles they face and conjunctural situations such as COVID-19 and the energy crisis that have set back some gender equality gains on the African continent.


The African Union, guided by the aspirations of the African people as embodied in Agenda 2063 and in pursuit of the goals and targets defined in the First Ten-Year Implementation Plan for Africa's development blueprint, has ensured that Africa has made strides in various areas, such as economic development and governance. The 2nd Continental Report on the Implementation of Agenda 2063 shows that the proportion of seats held by women in national parliaments and regional and local bodies increased from 21% and reached the target of 28%. However, while notable progress such as these has been made, much remains to be done.


Agenda 2063, now entering its second ten-year implementation plan, launched the Women and Youth Financial and Economic Inclusion Initiative (WYFEI 2030) with the support of AUDA-NEPAD to ensure its effective and successful implementation.   


There is no doubt that reducing the gender gap is a priority objective for achieving socio-economic development on the African continent, which would also contribute significantly to achieving the national and international Development Goals, ensuring that women receive the same economic, social and political opportunities as men.

In the Canary Islands, institutions such as Casa África, the Parliament of the Canary Islands and the Government of the Canary Islands have encouraged, promoted and created initiatives to support African women. Casa África, in particular, collaborates with different institutions such as the Women for Africa Foundation to promote the value of the continent's women.


Within the framework of these initiatives this II Meeting of Women Entrepreneurs of ECOWAS is designed with the intention of revitalizing the ties of collaboration between the Canary Islands and the African continent, addressing critical issues for the advancement of gender equality such as the role of multilateral organizations, the blue economy or digitization.

The morning session will be open to the public (free registration required) and will be streamed.

If you wish to follow the meeting on Zoom, please follow the steps below:
1.- Fill in this form
2.- Once you have completed the registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to access the day of the meeting.
3.- On the day of the event, log in and select the corresponding audio channel to listen to the interpreter speak in the language of your choice.

The afternoon session will be a working meeting.






By Casa África's side, this activity belongs to CONFIAFRI2 project, which is part of the INTERREG MAC 2014-2020 Programme and is co-financed by the ERDF Regional Development Fund.

Collaborating in the organisation of this meeting are: the Directorate General for Economic Affairs with Africa of the Government of the Canary Islands; the Cabildo of Fuerteventura and the Ports Foundation of Las Palmas.


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