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Foro Internacional de la Juventud de Ayoka

The last phase of the Ayoka Fellowship Program is the International Youth Forum, an intercontinental virtual conference to discuss international issues that the Fellows have responded to by creating their projects. It is a stage for the Fellows to exchange with global experts, present the results of their efforts and broaden their analysis on international issues.

The Ayoka Fellowship is an intercontinental Social Innovation Lab launched in 2022 by Puerta de Africa’s Do-Tank Department, with the support of Casa África, as part of its commitment to train and activate the potential of young people to accelerate social change and development. The selected first cohort of Young Leaders have engaged in an individual and collective journey that included research seminars, training and co-creation with experts, mentorship for pilot projects implementation. They have learned about social entrepreneurship and social innovation to maximize the impact of their projects on their communities, scale their projects to promote grassroot development and work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Now, this space will provide a connection of actors, an opportunity for further development of these young leaders and their projects.

The Opening Session will take place on April 10th at 17h30 (CET). We will host a thematic session every afternoon of the week, where experts and fellows with theme-related projects will give their perspectives on the international issue and how the projects can provide transforming solutions.

The thematic sessions are scheduled as follows:

  • Monday 10th April, 18 to 20h (CET) : Session on Migration
  • Tuesday 11th April, 18 to 20h (CET) : Session on Women Empowerment
  • Wednesday 12th April, 18 to 20h (CET) : Session on Youth Empowerment
  • Thursday 13th April, 18 to 21h (CET) : Session on Business Innovation & E-Learning
  • Friday 14th April, 18 to 19h (CET) : Session on Health Innovation

The Closing session will take place on April 14th at 19h (CET). This event is aligned with the Ayoka Fellowship’s aim to link, bridge and train African, Afro Descendant and European young leaders.


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The Ayoka International Forum will be a platform to discuss international issues and the solutions that youth can bring.


Meet our Fellows who will take part in the discussion:

Precious Isola - Precious Isola is one of our Nigerian Fellows building is helping students pass their exams to enter into university through access to past questions. Precious is also a 2017 Alumnus of the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), and a graduate of the YC Startup School.

Nchini Thatiana Claudia - Nchini Thatiana Claudia is from Cameroon and is currently working on ensuring Cameroonians can report cases of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual harassment, and rape through Tohkam. To add to that, Thatiana is a Global Peace and Youth Ambassador under the Global Peace Chain and Theirworld, respectively.

Daniel Akinjise - Daniel Akinjise is a Nigerian who is helping other Nigerians who suffered job loss as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic to acquire skills for survival. He is doing this through Empowered Youth Africa. Moreso, Daniel is a Human Resource Professional that is the recipient of the ‘Thumb Award’ given by Enough is Enough (EiE) Nigeria.

Amtus-Sabooh Wahab Akumfi-Ameyaw - Amtu is a Ghanaian who is elevating the University Students’ Association of Ghana (USAG) role in her project The SHE Move which empowers young female student leaders through capacity development and incubator sessions. Amtus is a Political Science graduate, recognized as the 2021 National Student Leader.

Mike Otieno Odhiambo - Mike Otieno Odhiambo is our Kenyan Fellow who is ensuring that young Kenyans have access to Decent Work via his organization called Limitless. Mike is a member of the National Youth Service in Kenya, and has been recognized by the Kenyan Red Cross Society.

Nuria Venero - Nuris Venero works with unaccompanied foreign minors, as well as young migrants, in Spain to provide the relevant security they need to survive in the country. She does this by being a delegate of LuzAzul, a Spanish NGO.  Nuria desires a future world that is equal, and is protective of human rights.

Adeoye Adedayo Yisah - Adeoye Adedayo Yisah is ensuring the potential of young people is being unleashed through mentorship. Using his organization, WeLead, Adedayo ensures that pre-University youths have well-coordinated study sessions. Adedayo is from Nigeria and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy.

Victor Turatsinze Mafigi - Victor Turatsinze Mafigi is from Uganda and Congo, and he is focused on educating young refugees in specific host communities. Through Unleashed, his organization, he has a vision of ensuring refugees are capable of being self-sustainable and resilient. He has impacted the lives of more than 500 refugees. He is an Alumni of the Social Innovation Academy (SINA) in Uganda.

Aja Chioma Ibiam - Aja Chioma Ibiam is a Nigerian Polymer and Textile Engineer who is using Café Scientifique to skilfully talk about science and technology in a non-academic and informal setting. Chioma is currently finishing her masters degree in Industrial Chemistry and was also elected as the Deputy Speaker of the 4th Assembly of the Nigerian Youth Parliament.

Ayoola John Oluwafemi - Ayoola John Oluwafemi is driven to ensure the less privileged without internet in Nigeria gain access to the internet, and access to quality education. Using Build New Nigeria Network (BNNN), he is slowly closing the gap of the digital divide still present in his country Nigeria. John is currently an Ambassador for the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Challenge and the International Youth Math Challenge.


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