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Actividades Casa África en torno al #8M

As in previous years, Casa Africa has drawn up a programme of activities surrounding #8M, International Women's Day, in celebration and recognition of the advances made, but in particular to denounce and increase awareness of the failings and injustices still taking place in the XXI century with regards to how women are treated, simply for being born female.

The activities we are working on this year are:

- Letras africanas: Club de lectura con Najat El Hachmi (African Arts; Reading Club with Najat El Hachmi. 4/3/21. The author Najat El Hachmi, one of the most important feminist voices in the Magreb, and recent Nadal Prize winner for her work El lunes nos querrán, (They will love us on Monday) is to present her novel at the Fundación Tres Culturas (Sevilla) with a restricted number of guests present. The presentation can also be followed on social networks. Casa África is participating in the event via its book club, who will read the book and connect online and in this way be able to join in with questions and comments regarding the book.

- Cinema: Online projection of the documentary Khartoum Offside, by the Sudanese producer Marwa Zein. 8/3/21. Casa África, in its capacity as collaborator in the Tarifa/Tangiers African Film Festival (FCAT), is awarding its annual prize for the competitive section “Hipermetropia", awarded to the best full length documentary. Within the programme for International Women's Day, Casa África will be showing online the above mentioned documentary, the 2019 winner of the prize. The film is about a group of exceptional young women from Khartoum, who decide to play professional football, despite it being banned by the Islamic military government of the country. The film will be available for a limited length of time, with up to a maximum number of 500 downloads.

- Africa in Movement: Ella Poema Tanzania, as part of the 39th Week of Holy Music, Segovia. 14-20/3/21. Ella Poema is a project carried out by the choreographer Aïda Colmenero, who has produced in more than twelve different African countries. It draws a map of singular beauty and visual power by means of contemporary dance from the African continent, featuring a new generation of female dancers. Since its creation in 2011, with the support of ACERCA, Casa África and the Spanish Embassies in Africa, the project has been taken to: Senegal, Cape Verde, Niger, Nigeria, Togo, Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Cameroon, Kenya and Mozambique. On this occasion, the artist Nshoma Nkwabi Ng’Hangasamala presents her work ‘Trajectory of the dust VII’.

- Videos of female voices. Via our social networks, we will show a series of videos featuring African women from different fields, reflecting the current panorama on this continent, with regards to each of their specific area. This will provide us with a vision of the continent via the most important female voices.

- Articles from the Blog África Vive. A collection of articles from our blog will be published, the work of African women and Spanish experts on Africa. They will focus on the role of African women in the development of the continent, their role in society, politics, economy, the arts, etc.

- Videos of female African Scientiests fighting COVID-19. With the collaboration of Larisa Akrofie, founder of the online platform "Levers in Heels", we will publish a series of interviews with African women who work in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, known as the STEM areas.

-Videoinfografía #ÁfricaCrece: La mujer en África. (Videodocumentary #AfricaGrows: Women in Africa). Women are the engine for economic development and growth in Africa. They represent 90% of the unofficial economy of the continent and support more than 40% of the families. This videodocumentary by #ÁfricaCrece created by Casa África offers data and suggests challenges to be faced if a more inclusive development is to be achieved.

- Opinion article, signed jointly by the director general and the female area chiefs from Casa África, to be sent to the MSM to commemorate International Women's Day, and to underline the talent and creative, entrepreneurial capacity of so many African women.

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