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Boubacar Boris Diop

A novelist, essayist, playwright and screenwriter, he is currently considered one of Africa´s leading writers.

This Senegalese writer, who writes his literary creations in French and Wolof, was born in Dakar in 1946. After managing a newspaper in his native country, he currently collaborates for several French, Italian, Swiss and Senegalese newspapers. He is a member of the African Social Forum, which he represented at the 2003 Porto Alegre Worldwide Social Forum. His stories tell of tragedies and hopes that reflect on human beings. Some titles include: Le cavalier et son ombre (1997), Murambi, le livre des ossements (2000) and Doomi Golo (2003). He also coordinates writing workshops in several African countries, and he has worked as a screenwriter, as is the case of the film titled Un amour d'enfant de Ben Diogaye Bèye.




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