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Abdelaali Barouki

Specialist in Spanish-Arabic translation

Originally from Morocco, Abdelaali Barouki is a research professor at the Institute of Hispano-Lusophone Studies at the University of Mohamed V in Agdal. He has published two translation works from Spanish to Arabic: La política exterior de Marruecos, by Miguel Hernando in 2005, and España y sus Ejidos, by Juan Goytisolo in 2008.

As well as these works, he has coordinated together with Nohma Ben Ayad the work Las relaciones entre Marruecos y España, a tribute to Alfonso de la Serna, followed by Viajeros de las dos orillas, a title that is as long as the history that links the two shores of the Gibraltar strait.

Among his publications we also have Bibliografía de autores y textos literarios marroquíes traducidos al español (2012).

Abdelaali Barouki took part in the 4th edition of SILA (International African Book Fair) held in December 2012 at Casa África.