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Jornada "El papel estratégico de Canarias en las relaciones España-Mauritania"

Spain and Mauritania, two countries that share historical ties dating back to the time of the Almoravids in the eleventh century, have in more recent times developed a very close relationship based on a community of shared interests that is especially reinforced by the Canary Islands’ adjacent geographic proximity.

If at the outset the fisheries sector and development cooperation played a central role in the bilateral agenda, over the years these relationships have been extended to other areas. These days, the promotion of closer and more complete economic and commercial relations, and personal and cultural exchanges between the two societies, are also priorities. Additionally, in a context marked by regional instability, a close collaborative response to common challenges such as irregular immigration, illicit trafficking or the fight against terrorism, has enabled the development of an exemplary bilateral cooperation which has achieved excellent results.

The human ties are a fundamental and increasingly significant element. According to the National Electoral Institute (INE), about 10,000 Mauritanians live in Spain. In 2016, more than 6,500 Mauritanians travelled to our country, with the Canary Islands being their main destination. Improved connectivity (currently, three airlines offer direct flights between Mauritania and the Canary Islands) is helping to reinforce the proximity.

In fact, due to their geographical proximity (it’s barely 800 kilometres from Nouadhibou to Gran Canaria), the Canary Islands play a fundamental role in deepening and diversifying relations between Spain and Mauritania. The excellent institutional relations between the Governments of Spain and the Canary Islands with the Government of Mauritania, the outstanding economic presence of the Canary Islands - it has the highest level of exports to Mauritania of any Spanish Autonomous Community- and a growing interest in cultural and academic exchanges contribute decisively to this.

This seminar, organized by Casa África in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Mauritania at the initiative of the Government of the Canary Islands, aims to enhance the commitment of Spain and the Canary Islands to Mauritania and contribute to the identification and development of concrete initiatives in the sectors of greatest interest.

Facilitating the personal relationships and direct contact between the government representatives from Spain, the Canary Islands and Mauritania most interested in strengthening the bilateral relationship is another of the main objectives of the seminar.

The day will have a plenary session and a panel on business opportunities and investment in logistics and industrial areas which will be followed by two parallel working sessions on business opportunities in the maritime economy and inter-university and cultural cooperation. The seminar programme will conclude with a meeting of representatives from Spanish and Mauritanian business institutions.

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Admission is free.

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