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Jornada: África Subsahariana. Oportunidades y riesgos de un continente por descubrir

Eleven of the twenty countries that will grow the most in the next few years, according to the IMF, will be African.

International analysts and organisations agree in pointing out the high growth potential of many productive sectors, both industrial as well as for services, in much of the continent.

According to the latest African Economic Outlook report, growth in the neighbouring continent is more diversified thanks to domestic demand, infrastructures and trade in manufactured goods.

In parallel, doing business in Africa is increasingly easy and safe thanks to the legislative reforms undertaken by most African countries. It is true that the risks cannot be eliminated -endogenous and exogenous, and geopolitical in some cases- but it is also true that Spanish companies cannot and should not waste the largely favourable business climate that is being generated in many African countries.

In this context, what is particularly important is the opportunity of obtaining accurate and first hand information about investment opportunities, emerging sectors, funding streams and mechanisms of legal certainty that companies have at their disposal to tackle their adventure abroad with guarantees and ultimately commit to internationalisation towards those destinations.

With this objective, EXTENDA (Andalusian Agency for External Promotion) and APD (Association for the Advancement of Management) convened the the Foreign Markets Forum in Andalusia. In this first edition, experts that are knowledgeable of the territory, its culture and socio-economic structure, will bring us closer to "Sub-Saharan Africa, Opportunities and Risks of a continent to be discovered".

This meeting, which has the support of institutions such as CESCE or Casa África, will be held on 25th November 2015 and will have the input of this institution's director general, Mr Luis Padron, who will go over the political, social and economic reality of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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