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IV Camp Internacional Rotary Maspalomas: Paz e integración Social

Casa África is collaborating once again in the International Camp organised by the Maspalomas Rotary Club, the fourth edition of which is dedicated to peace and social integration.

Wars are one of humanity’s worst scourges, a situation that must be combatted by society as a whole. The rotary movement’s main objective is to achieve peace, and to do so, it performs several activities, including this CAMP, a socio-cultural event that uses various activities to promote values such as respect, solidarity, peace and social economy. The contents of this 4th edition will focus on actions and proposals for social integration as a way of resolving conflict. 

The CAMP attracts numerous young people who have received grants from Rotary Clubs in different places across the world, to attend a programme that contains a training and debate section, and a more ludic section to explore the island, as well as a varied programme of sports activities and games.

On Friday 14th from 4pm to 7pm Casa África will hold one of the conferences included in this Camp. The title is “New peace and safety challenges in the Sahel: African actions and perspectives” and it will be held by:

  • Mbuyi Kabunda Badi, professor specialised in regional integration, development, gender, human rights and conflict problems in Africa. Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Two members of the Burgos Rotary Club who will discuss their experiences of solidarity projects being developed in Africa:
    • Ignacio Moral – Togo project
    • Alicia – Burundi project

As applies to the rest of the Camp, entry to this conference is free, but previous registration is essential.

To find out more about the other conferences and to register, visit the website.

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