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Fragmentos de una nueva historia. Exposición fotográfica de Zanele Muholi

The Casa África gallery will host, from 19th October to 2nd March,  a selection of the work produced up till now by this young South African photographer. Commissioned by Sandra Maunac and Mónica Santos, the exhibition is the result of The First Casa África Award received by Zanele Muholi at the 2009 edition of the Biennial Photography exhibition in Bamako (Mali). This event, also known as "African encounters with Photography" is the basic platform for photographers that come from all over the continent and the diaspora.

This award is made up from an exhibition, which consists of a selection of work that the award-winning artist has undertaken to date and the publication of a monographic book on her work. This will form part of a larger collection on the view seen through the eyes of some women who participate and have participated in this biennial exhibition.

Muholi’s work presented here goes beyond sensitivity, intimacy and feeling and according to her own words is a work of "visual political activity." All her effort and struggle consists of giving visibility to the Black lesbian community, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender people and Intersexuals, to whom Muholi belongs to and for whom she fights,  challenging existing hegemony.

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