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Conferencia: La Importancia de la Gobernanza y el Liderazgo en la Agenda de Desarrollo africano

Abdoulie Janneh, Executive Director of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, comes to Casa Africa to offer this conference on the undeniable importance of good governance in Africa's development.

In the words of Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, the strengthening of democratic governance, the rule of law and transparency are the only hopes to achieve a viable democratic state.

In the community of nations, governance is considered "good" and "democratic" to the extent that institutions and processes of each country are transparent and must be free of corruption and being responsible to the people. Good governance promotes equity, participation, pluralism, transparency, accountability and the rule of law, so that it is effective, efficient and durable.

Democratic governance fosters development, devoting its energy to have an influence on tasks such as eradicating poverty, protecting the environment, ensuring gender equality and providing sustainable livelihoods. It ensures that civil society plays an active role in setting priorities and publicising the needs of the most vulnerable sectors of society.

In fact, properly governed countries are less likely to suffer because of violence and poverty.

To speak of it all Abdoulie Janneh comes to Casa África, who in addition to his position at the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, where he acts as a liaison with governments and African institutions, he is president of the Africa Governance Institute and former Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa of the United Nations (UNECA), a post which was proposed by Kofi Annan.

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation, which is named after the Anglo-Sudanese billionaire Mo Ibrahim Mohamed, created in 2006, focuses on the critical importance of leadership and governance in Africa. It provides tools to support progress and promotes relevant changes in the continent. It is a non-profit organisation that defines, advises and enhances governance and leadership in Africa.

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