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Cajas para un sueño 2023

Casa África will cooperates one year more with ONGD Aldeas Infantiles SOS Spain to host the new edition of “Boxes for a Dream”, a solidarity project where many nationals and international artists participate in favor of the project by Aldeas Infantiles SOS promoted on the African continent and in Canarias for childhood.

The collective exposition offers a wide selection of wooden boxes that each artist personalizes individually, using different plastics techniques. In “Boxes for a Dream” we can find a wide variety of styles, techniques, format, and design. From boxes painted with acrylics and oils to those more extravagant, besides those that combines elements of conceptual art, photography, added elements or sculptural support.

All those artistic boxes will be put on auction on the 5th of May at 6 p.m. in Casa África once the exposition is over. Everything will be devolved to the Aldeas Infantiles delegation in Las Palmas for transparency.

This initiative counts on the collaboration of the enterprise Gilmar real estate, that is the one that offers the wine boxes to be transformed into unique pieces.

The initiative “Boxes for a Dream” was born when the creator and nurse Esther Vega encouraged in 2016, a vast number of artists to join this initiative, customizing a wooden box in a free manner until converting it in a unique piece of art whose added value takes a special meaning as it is something that is not usually used by the creators invited. Until today, more than a hundred of artists have cooperated secondarily with this project.

Everybody will be able to participate in the auction of those boxes exhibited in Casa África on the 5th of May, during which they could buy a piece of art made by the creators who collaborated on this collective project. Before the auction on the 5th of May, it will also be possible to participate in a pre-auction.

How to join the PRE-AUCTION:

In the exhibition room there will be an intake that anybody interested in any of the boxes could fill and deposit in the designated ballot box. We will notify those people who offered more during the pre-auction. The other way to join it is by WhatsApp et the following number: 615559389.


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