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Africa in movement. Aída Colmenero in Ghana

Casa África, through its Africa in Motion programme, collaborates on this occasion with the Spanish Embassies in Ghana to contribute to the continuity of Aída Colmenero Díaz's work on the African continent by providing workshops for body language and interpretation and participating in different prestigious festivals, in addition to continuing to add to her Ella peoma/She poems project.

Masterclass audition 2nd March from 12 to 14pm with Aïda Colmenero Dïaz from Spain for She Poems project. For women, actresses and dancers

Aïda will give a special masterclass in contemporary dance. She will select one woman to be part of this project and who will become She Poems Ghana.

Aïda will be working one week with the woman selected and create a short film and a solo dance piece that will be presented the international women day 8th March at Alliance Française next to the dancers of She Poems Togo.

The project will be held in Alliance Française Accra: Casely Hayford Rd, Accra, Ghana  +233 50 128 7814

She Poems Togo & She Poems Ghana have been possible thanks to the  support of Spanish Embassy in Accra , Goethe Institut in Lomé,  Casa Africa, Aske Danse and  Blanca Siles Romero.

ELLA POEMA is a project created by Aída to pay tribute to African women through dance and literature in Spanish. The result is several short-films of contemporary dances, "video poems" whose protagonists are African female artists.

Aída started this project with the intention of building an "African poetic map", which aims to highlight the beauty of African women and allow them to display their work inside and outside their borders.

Ella Poema are "danced video poems" and "choreographic pieces" interpreted by African women and choreographed by the Spanish artist Aída Colmenero Díaz. Contemporary dance works that pay tribute to African women through poems written by a woman.

This is a project made by women and for women. A project that speaks about the identity of contemporary African women and a defence of women's human rights. It is also a project about equal opportunities in the world of dance in Africa, up to now dominated by men. Professionalisation and training by working on choreographic composition and creative interpretation. Empowerment of the female African artist, positioning her in the role of creator. Visualisation of the female African artist, inside and outside Africa’s borders, offering and building images that are in short supply. Positive images of Africa: independent and creative women.

Ella Poema is a creative and innovative project that aims to promote social, economic and cultural development of the African continent.

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