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Accésit Objetivo África 2022

Home Studio, de Vladimir Jose Caetano de Sousa

Cabo Delgado is a province of Mozambique, when searching the name of this province, the most common themes associated with this province are the terrorism, war, extreme poverty and the serious humanitarian crisis generated by this war. Despite all these negative aspects that plague this province, a group of young people from this region did not want to be shaken by all these evils, and have the dream of making themselves heard through music and through that pass a message of peace, harmony and hope. The Home Studio project brings to light the history of this group of young people who, with their scarce resources and precarious conditions, against all the adversities that plague the northern region of Mozambique, set up their studios to produce music in different parts of the province. of Cabo Delgado. The studios were set up with old computers, obsolete microphones, improvised headphones, second-hand musical instruments, tiny spaces, walls lined with egg combs, that is, everything here is improvised. However despite all these adversities, these music producers, produce music content with great success across the country and keep the hope of local musicians who otherwise would not have access to a record label for their songs.