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Pièces d'identités : les étalons de Yennenga : grands prix du Fespaco 1972-2005


Mani Kongo (Gérard Essomba) is the king of the Bakongo. Years have passed since the fall of colonialism but most Congolese live with a smaller or larger stigma of the Belgian rule. His only daughter, Mwana, (Dominique Mesa) left for Belgium to study being a doctor, but contact with her has been lost. Mani Kongo decides to travel to Belgium in search of his beloved daughter. On arriving he will have to cope with the very best and the very worst of the black diaspora, as well as with prejudices rampant in European society. He himself will find good friends amongst poor low-class whites showing that nothing is ever black or white... I feel this may be a very poor summary, that doesn't necessarily explain the movie and all its strengths. I will however note that tech credits and acting are excellent.

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