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Boomerang resembles nothing so much as recent albums by Cuban hip-hoppers Orisha--with hard-hitting hip-hop grooves and lush vocal choruses embellished by tasty snippets of acoustic guitars, flute, accordion and percussion. While there are some West African touches here and there--a gorgeous guest vocal from Rokia Traore on "Le Cycle," some afropop-ish acoustic guitar on "Le Precipice"--the group mostly belongs to an emerging wave of global hip-hop that also includes Boomerang producer Sergent Garcia and Daara J's Senegalese/French compatriot MC Solaar. The group's lyrics, mostly in French and their native Senegalese Wolof, eschew the braggadocio of much American hip-hop for some Afro-centric social commentary that harks back to old-schoolers like KRS-One and Public Enemy--although non French or Wolof-speakers may be disappointed that full translations aren't available in the CD booklet.