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Agnès Agboton

This author from Benin has recovered some of the hidden jewels from her country´s oral tradition (stories, songs and legends) and published them in the books titled Contes d'arreu del món and Na Mitón.

"On both sides of the sea of sand, men and women are, in the end, not very different."


Born in Benin, she writes in her native languages (Gun and French), as well as those she learned during her youth after arriving in Barcelona at the age of 17 (Catalan and Spanish).

Since 1990, she has worked as a speaker at schools, libraries and cultural institutions, placing the traditional legends and stories of her people and of the African continent within the reach of Catalan and Spanish audiences. She already has several publications on these topics.

Her work is extensive and varied.  She has written books on African cuisine such as La cuina africana (1988), África en los fogones (2001) and Las cocinas del mundo (2002); and she has also published traditional stories from Benin and Africa: Contes d'arreu del món (1995), Abenyonhú (2003) and Na Mitón. La mujer en los cuentos y leyendas africanas (2004); she has also written Más allá del mar de arena (2005), a book filled with autobiographical data; and her poems (in bilingual Gun and Spanish versions) may be found in several magazines and in the volume titled Canciones del poblado y del exilio (2006).


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