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The Congolese journalist Caddy Adzuba spoke about journalism, human rights, women and conflict at Casa África


The Congolese journalist Adzuba Caddy, Prince of Asturias award winner for Concord 2014 for her work in defence of the women from her country, victims of sexual violence in the context of the conflict raging in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), gave a conference at Casa África on Thursday 16th July. She was also accompanied by the Spanish journalist Elisa García Mingo, author of the publication on Caddy Adzuba that Casa África has edited within its Essay Collection.

Both the conference and the book are called  Micrófonos de paz. Conversaciones con Caddy Adzuba (Microphones of peace. Conversations with Caddy Adzuba) and were structured as two dialogues between the two women regarding the role of the media to change public policies and denounce forgotten social causes. Civil society's role and especially that of women and journalists, in crisis situations and promotion of the cultures of peace, was the main axis around which this magnificent conference revolved, which specifically dealt with the case of women journalists of AFEM -SK, who have capitalised their knowledge of the media to demand an end to the violence in the DRC and the end of impunity for perpetrators of sexual crimes against women and children.

In a packed auditorium, Caddy Adzuba, with her brilliant oratory, moved all those present by narrating very painful stories that reflect the suffering of the Congolese people in the most difficult years of the armed conflict, but also highlighting the role of women which has been, and will be decisive to change the reality of the South Kivu region.

Much remains to be done, Adzuba stated, but the strength of women and of the Congolese people will achieve their goal of justice, development and peace. The activist called for the implementation of United Nation resolutions 1,325 and 1,848, which expressly condemn violations of women and children in situations of armed conflict. In addition, she appealed to the conscience of the leaders of developed countries and of multinational companies with economic interests in the Congo to invest in the area in order to motivate a society ravaged by poverty and conflict.

The president of ZEC, Beatriz Barrier, Delegate Councillor for Equality of the Town Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Diana Mujica Velázquez, and diplomatic representatives to the Canary Islands of Morocco and Colombia: the consul of Morocco, Ahmed Moussa, and the consul of Colombia, Pierangelo Gandini were present at the event.

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