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Casa África chooses water as the theme for the 4th edition of the photography competition 'Africa Focus'


Water is the theme chosen by Casa África as the theme of the 4th edition of the Africa Focus Photography Contest, a competition looking for images that best make known the positive aspects of the African continent and that today has opened its entry deadline through its website.

The theme of this edition coincides with the International Year of cooperation in the water area proclaimed by United Nations. Any person who is of legal age can take part in this competition by sending photographs that best portray water in all its facets and that enhance the current and positive aspects of the African continent, the side which usually does not appear in traditional media.

It hopes to publicise the role that water plays in societies of the neighbouring continent. In this way, images will be accepted that communicate positive concepts related to water: landscapes, sustainable projects that promote its development, sanitation, access to water, agriculture or food, among other aspects.

The photographs may be submitted from 7th October to 9th December, 2013 at 2 p.m. (Spanish mainland time), with each candidate being able to take part with a maximum of three (3) photographs which they should send to the email in JPEG or PNG format, with an acceptable resolution and weighing between 1.5 and 4 MB, including their personal data in the email, as specified in the rules.

The jury, made up from leading professionals in the field of arts, will value creativity, innovation of the technique used and the way in which the message is conveyed. The photograph's description and title will also be valued under these criteria.

The prizes for this 4th edition of Focus on Africa are:

  1. First prize: 600 €
  2. Second and third prize: 200€ each one