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Caddy Adzuba returns to Casa África to see the exhibition “Women of the Congo” and give a talk with Isabel Muñoz


Yesterday, the Congolese journalist Caddy Adzuba visited the photographic exhibition Women of the Congo, which has been at the Casa África headquarters since last February and shows women and girls in her country who have suffered sexual violence. Accompanied by one of its photographers, Isabel Muñoz, Caddy was able to view the portraits taken in Kivu, the ​​eastern area of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where she lives and works with these women.

After an emotional meeting between the two women, Isabel and Caddy spoke to a packed auditorium, in the framework of the joint initiative PhotoBrik, on the severe and cruel tortures suffered by women in the DRC. 

PhotoBrik (PHBK) is a photographic solidarity initiative with which Casa África has collaborated on several occasions. Those attending the talks get involved by donating cartons of milk which are then distributed to needy families by the Las Palmas Food Bank.