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I Encuentro de Periodistas África-España

The First Africa-Spain Meeting of Journalists is an event organised by Casa África and sponsored by RIA Money Transfer.

The meeting is being held in collaboration with the Women for Africa Foundation and the Agencia EFE and will involve more than twenty African and Spanish journalists: Yinka Adegoke, Xavier Aldekoa, Marta Arias, Alfonso Armada, Carlos Bajo, Eric Chinje, Daouda Coulibaly, Aisha Dabo, Javier Fernández Arribas, Ana Henríquez, Lola Hierro, Lola Huete, Rosebell Kagumire, Franck Olivier Kra, Javier Marín, Lucía Mbomio, Pepe Naranjo, Néstor Nongo, Gemma Parellada, Verashni Pillay, María Rodríguez, Alberto Rojas, Felipe Sahagún and Jean-Arsène Yao. There will also be presentations from specialised media such as Afribuku, Africaye, Atalayar, Mundo Negro, Radio Africa Magazine, Wiriko and 5W.

The meeting will take place on 4 October 2016 at 9am at the Palacio de Cibeles (Caja de Música) in Madrid. Attendance is free but as capacity is limited registration is required.

Important information: We have reached the maximum capacity of the auditorium so, registration is closed. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks a lot.

The objectives of the First Africa-Spain Meeting of Journalists are:

  • To highlight that there is a growing focus within Spanish journalism on increasing the volume and quality of writing about the African continent, showing Spaniards and Africans that there is a group of journalists and new media which is very sensitive to the need not to stereotype the African continent, avoiding the usual clichés that have dominated the media.
  • To reflect on this historical treatment of Africa and African peoples, and the invisibility of Africans in the Spanish media and Western media in general.
  • To hear how African journalists think and understand the different types and new models of African journalism.
  • To understand the power of civil society and its influence through social networks. To learn from the experience of bloggers and associations that have made significant progress in their respective countries.
  • To create networks between African and Spanish journalists, providing a space for meeting and reflection over two days.

The meeting will include an opening talk by Eric Chinje, director of the Africa Media Initiative, and seven roundtables on Spanish journalism concerning Africa, the vision of Africa in the world, the narratives about the continent, the role of women in the sector, culture and new technologies.

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