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Hubert Maga

Hubert Maga was the politician who occupied the Benin presidency after independence, a post he would once again hold in the 70s.

A teacher and politician, Hubert Maga (1916-2000) became the first president of Dahomey (Benin from 1991) once independence was achieved in1960. After winning the elections and supported by the Patriotic Front of Action, his mandate lasted for three years. In this period opposition to the regime, street disturbances backed by the army and the opposition parties were constant, leading in the end to Colonel Christopher Soglo taking power and Maga being obliged to exile himself.

However Maga returned to political life in Benin by forming part of a government triumvirate with biannual shifts, attaining the presidency once again in 1972. For many years he followed his country's political life very closely. He died in 2000 from a heart attack in the city of Cotonu.