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Dambisa Moyo

Author of the best-seller titled 'Dead Aid' in which the economist defends the end of economic aid for Africa as the best way of solving the continent´s problems.

Dambisa Moyo (1969, Zambia) is an economist trained at Oxford and Harvard who has highlighted how well-intentioned policies, such as foreign aid for Africa, often leads to undesired consequences.

Her work titled Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There is a Better Way For Africa (2009), about the unproductiveness of African aid, has been a best-seller in the United States. She has been so popular that in May 2009, Time magazine included Moyo in its list of 100 most influential people in the world, and in September of that same year, Oprah Winfrey included her in a list of important visionaries.

Her second book, published with the title of How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly - And the Stark Choices that Lie Ahead, evaluates the political decisions of the United States and other western economies that contributed to the 2008 financial crisis. It also examines the policies of developing countries such as China, Russia, or Eastern European countries, which may now hold different positions to be the next economic agents.




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