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Achille F. Ngoye

Although he currently resides in Paris, Ngoye was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo when it was still called Zaire. African literature is one of his strong points.

Achille F. Ngoye was born in 1944 in Zaire, what is today the Democratic Republic of the Congo, specifically in the mining town of Kantanga, near Likasi. A member of a large Catholic family, he graduated from the Benedictines and the Jesuits, and later studied journalism and worked for the weekly publication Christian Africa (Afrique Chrétienne) from 1966 to 1969. Simultaneously, he created the magazine for short stories Jeunes pour Jeunes, and another for music Likembé. As of this moment, his curriculum is diversified with various mass media, especially magazines, even in Paris, the city where he has resided since 1982.


In the literary area, he stands out as a writer of police novels, which sometimes take place in Africa and other times in Europe. Some of his titles include Agence Black Bafoussa (1996), Sorcellerie à bout portant (1998), Yaba terminus (1999), Ballet noir à Château-Rouge (2001), as well as the fictional chronicle Kin-la-joie, Kin-la-Folie (1993).



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