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A Moroccan picture by Jon Goikouria Larrabeiti wins the 4th Africa Focus competition


A picture taken at the camping in Chauen (Morocco) by Jon Goikouria Larrabeiti was the winner of the latest edition of the photographic contest Africa Focus, which Casa África organised for the fourth consecutive year. The jury, made up by the photographers Raquel Zenker and José Juan Torres de León and art curator Christian Perazzone awarded this prize after a meeting that took place on Tuesday at Casa África and where it was decided that the second prize would be given to a picture by Miguel Ángel Gómez Martín and third to one by Pau Auger Capilla. There was also a special mention to a photograph by Manuel Vilches Benítez taken in the oasis of Timia in Niger. Africa Focus this time received the work of 200 participants from Europe, Africa and America, called to express their creativity on the theme of water. The winners, all Spaniards come from Vizcaya, Madrid, Barcelona and Cadiz.

The first prize of 600 euros, went to the picture Problem and solution next to the sink, by Jon Goikouria Larrabeiti (Vizcaya), in which the jury appreciated its high technical level, emphasised by the symmetrical and rhythmic composition; the symbolism of the elements and the dichotomy between order and disorder. According to the author, this picture shows both the problem and the solution of water scarcity from an unusual perspective.

The second prize of 200 euros, went to the photograph entitled Mists of Africa, by Miguel Ángel Gómez Martín (Madrid), which shows a scene in the hot springs of Kitagata (Uganda). According to the jury, the water appears like the protagonist of a healing process while serving as connecting and cohesion element in the community. On a technical level, the dynamic image is highlighted together with the presence of a multitude of stories in the same photograph.

Finally, the third prize of 200 euros, went to the picture Desert Water by Pau Barrena Capilla (Barcelona), starring a group of young people around a water tank in the Moroccan city of Tinghir. The jury emphasises the dynamism of the composition, built in three scenes with different semantic levels, as well as the spontaneity that is transmitted by the snapshot.

There was also a special mention for The water of life, by Manuel Vilches Benítez (Cádiz), taken at the oasis of Timia (Niger) and starring a young Tuareg. The jury appreciated the message of respect and appreciation for nature that the protagonist conveys in the photograph and also emphasises its technical construction.

Africa Focus this time awards photographs that best make known the positive aspects of the African continent in relation to this edition's water theme, which coincides with the International Year of cooperation in the field of water proclaimed by United Nations . The photographs must show an optimistic approach with the aim of overthrowing stereotypes that have marked the neighbouring continent for a long time.