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Léonora Miano will give a conference in the 'African Letters' cycle in the Festival del Sur


The novels of Miano Léonora, a popular  author from Cameroon in the Francophone world, has received awards such as the Seligmann against racism(2012), the Grand  African Literary Award for Black Africa (2012) or the Eugenie Brazier (2009). Very well sold in France, she is the best known contemporary writer from Cameroon after Calixthe Beyala, and one of the ten most popular women from Cameroon of the day. Léonora Miano is responsible for a literary meeting to be held this Saturday, 19th October at 6.30 p.m. in the Orlando Hernandez Museum in Agüimes. The writer is the guest of the African Letters cycle organised by Casa África and coordinated by Antonio Lozano, this time as part of the veteran Festival del Sur

African Letters is a Casa África programme that was founded in 2009 to bring the Spanish public nearer to the main voices of contemporary African literature. It arose from the reality of literature as one of the essential ways to approach the social, political and cultural reality of the African continent as an attempt to improve access of the Spanish reader to literature written in Africa.