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In Casa África, a dozen Think Tanks from Africa and Spain reflect on the continent’s socio-economic challenges.


The collaboration between think tanks to achieve tangible results on the ground, finding funds to enable research and identifying issues of interest around which to create teams are three of the concerns of the experts who are gathering today in Casa África, in the meeting called “Dialogue between Think Tanks on sub-Saharan Africa”. Energy and infrastructure, the empowerment of women, industrialization, local conflict resolution, demography and youth employment are some of the issues to be discussed, always keeping in mind the 2030 and 2065 Agendas and the Sustainable Development Goals. Inclusive growth, citizen participation and ethical, green and sustainable development are some of the mantras around which they are working. 

ACCORD (South Africa), IPAR (Senegal), IESE (Mozambique), EDRI (Ethiopia) and CIRES (Ivory Coast) are the acronyms of five of the African think-tanks participating in the event, alongside representatives from Pan-Africa and the diaspora África2.0, the Real Instituto Elcano, the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies, the African Studies Group of the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Centre for African and Intercultural Studies of the University of Barcelona and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Participating at the opening of the meeting were Ricardo López Aranda, Director of the Office of Analysis and Forecasting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC); Pablo Martín Carbajal, Director General of Economic Relations with Africa for the Government of the Canary Islands; and Luis Padrón López, Director General of Casa África.