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In Casa África, the African tech hubs claim that technology can develop the continent


“I think our great challenge in Africa in the field of technology and development is the inclusion of the different Africas, so for us this is an opportunity to meet and understand what the challenges are in different countries”, said Emmanuel Henao of the Jokkolabs tech hub this morning in the courtyard of Casa África.

Henao is one of the participants in the Spain-Africa Forum of Tech Hubs which is taking place today and tomorrow, organised by Casa África in collaboration with the Canary Islands’ Government through PROEXCA, the ACIISI and the Canary Islands Technology Excellence Cluster.

iHub, Jokkolabs, The Innovation Hub and Akendewa are just four of the names on the guest list, representing the innovative situation of new technologies in various parts of sub-Saharan Africa, where a vibrant ecosystem of companies and very high level technology centres is growing, characterised by their adaptation to their environments and to the needs of their countries and peoples.

Joining them from several African governments are directors general of telecoms and innovation who will participate in the meeting, sharing the current situation of the sector in their respective countries and the challenges they face. The morning discussion sessions include the possibility of creating networks and partnerships between Spain and the countries of Africa, the relocation of services in a globalised world, the training of entrepreneurs and the strengthening of their capabilities as well as cybersecurity, extending and improving connectivity and financing systems for start-ups.

The forum consists of several roundtable discussions during which issues such as the potential of new technologies in Africa or the strategic plans for the ICT sector in Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Mauritania and Cape Verde will be addressed. In addition, success stories from Africa and Spain will be presented and a space will be made available to promote networking.