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The lion


For much of the world, this was the first opportunity to hear Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour. Championed by Peter Gabriel (who appears here on "Shaking the Tree"), he burst into public consciousness with the frantic mbalax rhythms of the title track, dedicated to Senegal's soccer team. The producers, including David Sancious, added some gloss to the sound without killing the thrill of songs like "The Truth," and N'Dour's wonderful voice, with its high, keening griot sound was firmly front and center--exactly where it should be. While the music was toned down a little for Western audiences, it remained firmly grounded in the streets of N'Dour's Dakar, with the inventive drumming of Manu Katche, who powers the songs along. You could aptly call this the birth of a superstar, with N'Dour showing himself capable and ready to walk into the hearts of people around the world as one of the great voices.