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In collaboration with the Editorial Los libros de la Catarata, Casa África has created an editorial line to draw attention to the knowledge of African and Africanist thinkers, writers, and theorists in order to support studies and research about topics that have to do with the continent´s development and potential from a point of view that is far from the stereotypes that have been traditionally been used to address the African reality.
Along these lines, each year Casa África hands out the Essay Awards in order to promote the research and dissemination of knowledge on African topics.
To consult the various titles that comprise this collection, click here.



The Casa África Literature Collection, in collaboration with Ediciones ElCobre-ElAleph, focuses on translating into Spanish the most relevant titles of African literature, both of already renowned writers as well as new emerging talents. To view the titles that comprise this collection, click here.



The objective of this collection is to support the edition of integrated texts in the African Studies Library of Edicions Bellaterra, led by Albert Roca. Africa´s cultural heritage will be disseminated throughout Spain with these titles in order to bring Spanish audiences closer to the legacy of the African society´s great thinkers. The collaboration is based on the translation of important titles by African thinkers that have served as the foundation for the continent´s political and cultural initiatives, as is the case of authors like Cheikh Anta Diop, Joseph Ki-Zerbo or Kwame Nkrumah [read more]


Casa África editions

This section includes all of the publications edited by Casa África, such as the book titled Cinematografías de África. Un encuentro con sus protagonistas (African Cinematographies. A Meeting with its Protagonists) by Guadalupe Arensburg, edited in 2010, or the Guide for Journalists that we released to coincide with the South Africa World Cup, as well as reports of the institution´s history and catalogues of the various exhibits that have been housed in our halls.


Aside from its own essay and literature collections, Casa África supports in various ways the edition of publications that draw attention to the knowledge of African and Africanist thinkers, writers and theorists. Along these lines, Casa África has supported the edition of titles that may be consulted through this link.


In this section, Casa África will upload documents in a report format that cover the conclusions and the relevant points of those activities that are deemed necessary.



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