Essay prizes

These prizes are meant to recognise, encourage and disseminate original and unpublished essays which contribute towards better knowledge of Hispano-African relations with respect to the four following areas or subjects:

  • Relations between Spain and Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Economic situation of Sub-Saharan Africa and economic relations with Spain
  • Cooperation for development relations between Spain and Africa, particularly relations with the Canary Islands
  • Evolution of the democratic consolidation processes in Sub-Saharan Africa

2015 CASA ÁFRICA Essay Prizes · Competition Rules

Casa África has awarded this prize in the Tarifa African Film Festival since 2007. The institution thereby aims to support creativity, production, dissemination and knowledge of cinema made in Africa.

Award-winning documentaries
2007: These Girls
, by Tahani Rached. Egypt 2006
This documentary immerses us in the world of adolescents who live in the streets of Cairo, a world of violence but also of freedom.

2008: Victims of Our Riches, by Kal Touré. Mali/France 2006
One year after the dramatic events of September 2005 at the borders of Ceuta and Melilla, repatriated young Africans give their own version of what happened.

2009: I Loved So Much, by Dalila Ennadre. Morocco 2007
The story of a 70-year old Moroccan woman who as a youth was contracted to work in a military brothel during the Indochina War. Now she wants France to recognise her as a war veteran.

In 2009 Casa África awarded for the first time a prize for the editing of a screenplay from Sub-Saharan Africa in the framework of the Africa Scenario Workshop of the Pan-African Festival of Cinema and Television of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (FESPACO).

This workshop on screenplay writing is a project meant to support filmmakers from Sub-Saharan Africa organised by Safi Productions and the Spanish NGO Al-Tarab.

The 2009 event was the first with support from Casa África and boasted 10 competing projects. In the end, the prize went to the screenplay titled Sokho by the Senegalese Marie Kha, in the Special Prizes section. The jury counted the participation of Juan Jaime Martínez, director of the Cultural Relations department at Casa África.

By granting this prize Casa África aims to meet the objectives of cultural cooperation for development that underlie this institution’s programming, that is, to support artists and independent creators in projects that can generate self-employment and enhance the presence of Sub-Saharan creation and production in international markets and spaces.

África es más, mucho más que guerras y hambre y eso es lo que pretendemos proyectar desde Casa África. Bajo este concepto lanzamos en 2009 la primera edición de nuestro Concurso Fotográfico 'Objetivo África'.

Cambiando cada año la temática, buscamos siempre las fotografías que mejor retraten los aspectos positivos actuales de África y de los africanos, la cara amable de África, ese gran lado que usualmente no aparece en las noticias. Fotografías sobre cultura, grupos sociales, arquitectura, medio ambiente, género, artes plásticas, sociedad. Fotografías de los países africanos o de los propios africanos viviendo en España. El espectro es muy amplio, tanto como las miles de culturas de África.

Valorando la creatividad, la técnica y, sobre todo, el mensaje positivo que ofrezca la imagen, éstas son algunas de las imágenes que hemos conseguido a lo largo de estos años:

Casa África announces the 4th flash fiction competition called Purorrelato in order to promote literary creation to encourage us to feel and think about Africa and continue to show us the different realities that will bring us nearer to the continent, far from those stereotypes that for so long have marked it.


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