The Director General of Casa África speaks to the Canary Islands’ Parliament

Photograph of the meeting this morning in the Canary Islands’ Parliament.

Photograph of the meeting this morning in the Canary Islands’ Parliament.

This morning, the director general of Casa África, Luis Padrón, attended the Canary Islands’ Parliament at the request of the Nationalista and Popular parties. A year has passed since the director general’s first presentation of this type and since the signing of an agreement between the two bodies.

During the meeting, Padrón presented the activities which have taken place due to the collaboration between Casa África and the Canary Islands’ Parliament. He also stressed the importance to the Canary Islands of hosting the headquarters of an institution of national scope, such as Casa África which belongs to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation’s Network of Casas and, as part of its work, promotes the Canary Islands as a hub for business and services with Africa.

The director general explained the institution’s programme of activities and emphasised its economic diplomacy work, reminding his audience of Africa’s good economic indicators and advocating the need to fight the stereotypes that scar African countries and hinder people’s understanding of them and relationships with them.



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