The Canary Islands, a Teleport for Africa

Photograph of the presentation this morning in Casa África.

Photograph of the presentation this morning in Casa África.

An IP Teleport could be installed in the Canary Islands to provide access to broadband internet in every corner of Africa. This is the idea proposed by José Luis García, CEO of World Satellite Networks (WSN), in a breakfast briefing held today at Casa África. During the meeting, entitled Satellite connection Canary Islands-Africa: bridging the digital and technological divide, representatives from the main Canary Islands institutions praised the possibilities offered by telecommunications for the development of societies and presented their policies for the sector.

Luis Padrón, Director General of Casa África, opened the event by highlighting the importance of the Canary Islands as an international hub for Africa: the islands as a strategic base for meeting and trading for logistical, humanitarian and business reasons but also for technology.

The president of the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC), Beatriz Barrera, thanked WSN for its range of satellite telecommunications services and aeronautical services applied to drones, because these activities generate skilled employment. “The Canary Islands can and should be part of the global technological revolution, projected as a destination for investors from the sector interested in internationalizing their businesses into African markets. Companies like World Satellite Networks are a benchmark”, said the president of the ZEC.

Unlimited connectivity for Africa
José Luis García, CEO of World Satellite Networks, spoke of the satellite coverage possible from the Canary Islands and outlined concrete solutions to bridge the digital divide in Africa. “WSN is working to free  the Canary Islands from the isolation it is suffering with regard to high-capacity satellite coverage”, said José Luis García before an expectant audience.



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