The Executive Secretary of the WTO, Carlos Vogeler, at Casa África

Casa África's Director General, Luis Padrón López.

Casa África's Director General, Luis Padrón López.

The Executive Secretary for Relations with the Members of the World Tourism Organization, Carlos Vogeler, yesterday visited Casa África, as part of a work agenda in Las Palmas organised by the institution and has included several meetings with business and institutional representatives of the Canary Islands linked to the tourism sector.

Casa Africa and the UNWTO (United Nations agency dedicated to tourism) have had a profitable relationship for many years that every year is reflected in holding as part of Fitur, the Investour Africa meeting, which brings together companies in the sector with African projects seeking investment or knowledge to support their development.

In the morning, in collaboration with the Association for the Progress of Management (APD), Vogeler gave a lecture to members of the association at the Hotel Santa Catalina, entitled Trends and challenges of world tourism. Casa África's Director General, Luis Padron, introduced Vogeler to the audience; he explained the joint work being done by the institution with WTO and also announced a forthcoming agreement to carry out a specific publication on Africa tourism data on an annual basis.

At Carlos Vogeler's conference, he set out that which is understood by the WTO as the main challenges in the short and long term for the sustainable growth of tourism in the world, which he defined as "the first instrument for peace".



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