Casa África takes the international tenders for Morocco in port, airport and road matters to SALT

Port of Agadir (Picture: Michel Guilly)

Port of Agadir (Picture: Michel Guilly)

The main Moroccan public organisations dedicated to air, maritime and land transport will present at the 3rd Atlantic Logistics and Transport Fair  their international bid for tenders so that the Canary Island companies can gain access to them and intensify their internationalisation strategy.

This initiative, promoted by the Directorate General of Relations with Africa of the Canary Islands Government and funded by Casa África within the business cooperation block, means a new opening in business for Canary Island businesses during an especially complicated time where many companies are obliged to diversify their business.

Representatives for the National Office for Airports, the National Office for Ports and the Directorate General for Roads from the Ministry of Equipment and Transport of the Kingdom of Morocco will set out their international tender programmes so that Canary Island companies can access them.

The activities subject to the tenders are mainly focused on the building of roads, enlarging infrastructures, consultancy, feasibility studies, and contracting of services, among other aspects.

The access of Canary Island companies to these tenders, in this case of Morocco, may mean a spur for Canary Island companies, who as well as offering their experience, have access to diversifying their economy by taking part in the economic activity of this country.

It is precisely the promotion of trade and people exchange between both regions which is one of the main aims for the Programme of Actions to Enhance Connectivity between the Canary Islands and the South of Morocco (TRANSMACA), within which we find SALT 2012. At the same time, TRANSMACA focuses on improving the connectivity in the area of maritime and air transport between the Canary Islands and Morocco. This project has a budget of 975,501 Euros and is 75% co-funded by the European Union though the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the Operational Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Spain-External Border (POCTEFEX).



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