Casa África receives a delegation of representatives from the Moroccan film industry

Casa África recibe una delegación de representantes del sector cinematográfico marroquí

A delegation made up of Sarim Fassi-Fihri, director of the Moroccan Film Centre, and Hamanna Maalainine, deputy vice-president of the artistic association organising the Dakhla Film Festival, paid a working visit to Casa África this morning. Accompanied by Morocco’s consul in the Canary Islands, Ahmed Moussa, they met with the head of Casa África’s department of Culture and Education, Juan Jaime, and with the head of the department for Business and the Economy, Ana Cárdenes. The aim of this visit was to study and establish possible ways of collaborating, such as the presence of Moroccan films at events such as the Casa África Film Festival. They were also informed about the options presented by the Canary Islands for the promotion and production of films in the islands and about experts in the Canary Islands who specialise in filming.

Cinema contributed €30 million to the archipelago in 2017. Tenerife and Gran Canaria each hosted ten film shootings during that period, when 30 projects were filmed wholly or partially in the Islands. The Canary Islands are home to both national and international productions with films such as Palmeras en la nieve / Palm Trees in the Snow and actors such as Brad Pitt, Jessica Lange, Demi Moore, Vin Diesel and Shirley MacLaine.



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