Abdallah Zrika

Abdallah Zrika

One of the most famous Moroccan poets, his spontaneous style is characterised by the aim of reproducing the language spoken in the streets.

"But I did not know that between the East and the West
there is a veil
and a rosary of sins" 

                   (Fragment from the poem Red of the Sun´s Pants)

He was born in Casablanca in 1953. He holds a degree in Sociology, and is a member of the Moroccan Writers´ Union. In 1978, he was arrested and condemned to two years of prison for the attack against sacred values, and his poems were destroyed. Since he was freed, he has been devoted to writing.

He writes poems and novels. Of his poetic works, the following titles stand out: Dance of the Head and the Rose (1977), Laughter from the Tree of Words (1982), The Triangle´s Apple (1998), Black Butterflies (1998) and Steps of Metaphysics (2000). He has written the novels The Woman with the Two Horses and Graveyard of Happiness.

Zrika has a very peculiar poetic experience. His poetry is very modern, bold, and impetuous. He is not interested in making distinctions between literary genres, and for him, reality is an eventuality among others.


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