Angola conveys to Casa África its interest in welcoming a commercial Canarian mission

Photo of Luanda, capital of Angola

Photo of Luanda, capital of Angola

Angola has conveyed to Casa África its government´s willingness to facilitate as soon as possible the arrival of commercial missions of Canarian businesspeople to Angola, given that the country wants to develop its tourist infrastructures.

In various meetings with Angolan leaders, and accompanied by the Spanish ambassador in Angola, José María Castroviejo, the General Secretary of Casa África, Luis Padilla, was welcomed by the Secretary of State for Cooperation, Exalgina Gamboa, the Vice Minister of Culture, Cornelio Galey, the General Secretary for Africa, Nelson Cosme, and the Vice Minister of Tourism, Paulino Domingos. The deans of the two Angolan universities also met, who confirmed their presence in the Canary Islands for this upcoming October 10, where the Grand Meeting of Spanish-African Universities will be held.

Following Angola, the General Secretary, Luis Padilla, began a round of interviews in Namibia, where the institution was presented to the country´s government. This trip falls within the framework of the institution´s round of presentations with various African countries in order to establish lines of collaboration within the objectives established in Casa África´s 2009-2012 Strategic Plan.



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