The participants at the 7th Euro-African Police Conference receive a talk on Brand Spain at Casa África.

Image of the presentation, yesterday, at Casa África.

Image of the presentation, yesterday, at Casa África.

The 150 participants at the 7th Euro-African Police Conference which is being held now in Gran Canaria, yesterday visited Casa África. The Assistant Director-General for Public Diplomacy from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Luis T. Melgar, gave them a conference on Brand Spain and public diplomacy and Casa África also offered them a cocktail party. The Casa has taken part in this initiative's programme of events since last year.

The 7th Euro-African Police Conference was organised by the Civil Guard's Cooperation Secretariat. This particular edition focuses on strengthening the collaboration and dialogue in the fight against irregular immigration, a phenomenon that causes the loss of many lives and is always linked to real human dramas.

As in previous editions, it is attended by senior representatives of the gendarmerie and police forces who deal with the fight against illegal immigration, both in Europe and in Africa, as well as EU and international organisations who are also related to this matter.

During his speech, Luis T. Melgar offered the participants an introduction into public diplomacy and its importance as a method in strengthening a national identity and projecting a coherent image of a country.



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