'Graffrica. African Urban Art' transforms Casa África's exhibition halls.

The Kilimanjaro Hall welcomes an exhibition on the environment.

The Kilimanjaro Hall welcomes an exhibition on the environment.

Casa África's exhibition halls have experienced an unforgettable experience during these last few days. As well as being transformed, seeing their walls being covered in  spray paint and the paint brushes of some of the most important urban artists of Spain and Africa, we have studied the experience of joint creation, the inspiration and the cohabitation of African and Spanish artists. The exhibition Graffrica. African Urban Art opened its doors yesterday evening after four days of  intense hand in hand work, which have a produced a spectacular result. 

Until the 7th September, the organisation shows the work of three African graffiti artists (the Moroccan Rabie El Addouni and the Senegaleses Deep and Big Key) and two Spanish ones (Lopez de Guereñu and Iker Muro) who have taken part in this project. The exhibition is made up by two halls where the artists have performed, they have worked individually and jointly to display their creative style around a reflection on Africa, African iconography, the environment and the role of urban art on the neighbouring continent. The recovery of roots and the pride for its rich and relatively unknown history, the environment or blackness are subjects that are reflected in the walls of Casa África's exhibition halls in this gathering. 

Urban art is one of the most important vehicles of expression for young people to make their voices heard on the African continent and the collaboration between urban artists of different origins and contexts becomes an enriching and innovative experiment, as is seen in this exhibition curated by Nicolás de la Carrera.

The performance at  Casa África was inaugurated yesterday evening and included a live performance of the Senegalese graffiti artists. The five artists will also take part at the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria (ULPGC), where they will paint a Values Mural in the central courtyard of the Obelisco Campus, which the University's students will complement with messages on solidarity, respect and cooperation.

Casa África wants to specially thank Eurotex, Fergasor, Montana Cans, Dos por Dos Grupo Imagen and FBG Fingerboard & Graffiti. The Graffrica exhibition. African Urban Art has been possible thanks to their enthusiasm and sponsorship.

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