Casa África mobilises young people form Santiago de Compostela on the International Day for the Fight Against HIV-AIDS

Carlos Cordero ha creado una nueva manera de luchar contra el sida en África: de paciente a paciente.

Carlos Cordero ha creado una nueva manera de luchar contra el sida en África: de paciente a paciente.

In light of the International Day for the Fight Against HIV-AIDS, Casa África and the University of Santiago de Compostela are collaborating in the presentation of El Camino de Muzu (Muzu´s Path), an awareness campaign with direct testimonials of HIV carriers aimed especially at young people.

On December 1st (12:00 pm), the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Galician university (Avenida de Castelao s/n, Campus Norte) will become the setting where the activist Carlos Cordero will encourage students to be tested for HIV and to make them aware of the need to not let down their guard against contracting the disease.

Created by the Cultural Association known as El Despertar de los Demás (The Awakening of Others) and with the participation of the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (Spanish agency of International Cooperation for Development), the campaign titled  El camino de Muzu (Muzu´s Path) also included the showing of the El camino de Muzuzangabo (Muzuzangabo´s Path) documentary, directed by Sergi Agustí and that discusses Carlos Cordero´s experience in Africa, where he worked on an AIDS awareness campaign aimed at encouraging the population to be tested.

The awareness event consists in HIV carriers to be tested for HIV in front of everyone in order to show that, although they may appear to be healthy, they may be carriers. They will also speak with the young group about the importance of being aware about prevention in the fight against this virus.



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