Casa África has created a publishing line to showcase the knowledge of thinkers, writers and theoreticians either from Africa or specialising in Africa, with a view to supporting study and research on matters that concern the continent’s potentials and development from a standpoint outside the stereotypes traditionally assigned to the African reality.

The aim of the Casa África Literature Collection, in collaboration with ElCobre Ediciones, is to translate into Spanish the most outstanding works of African literature, by both well-known and new authors. It counts the following titles:

Kuti, Memoria de Sangre

Kuti, Memoria de Sangre (Kuty, Blood Memory)

Aïda Mady Diallo
Gao, Mali, March 6, 1984. The town is attacked by a gang of Tuareg looters. Kuty, a 10 year old girl, watches as her family is massacred by four men who throw them against a wall and cut her father´s throat while he witnesses the rape of his wife, Kuty´s mother, who takes her own life shortly thereafter by setting herself on fire. Kuty, memoria de sangre (Kuty, Blood Memory) is the story of this girl´s long revenge. It is also a part of Africa´s history, which watched for many years how the black population was captured and sold as slaves by the desert men. Above all, it is the first novel written by a young African woman who conveys to us, through her emotions, the story of an entire generation that fought for freedom.



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