Investing in Gran Canaria. A business hub between Europe and West Africa

4th November 2014 in London
Investing in Gran Canaria. A business hub between Europe and West Africa. El 4 de noviembre 2014 en Londres

Financial Times Live and fDi Magazine, in partnership with the Government of Gran Canaria, are pleased to present the Investing in Gran Canaria Forum.

Gran Canaria has established itself as a highly attractive destination for foreign investors. As part of the Canary Islands, it has long been a popular tourist location due to its warm climate and diverse landscape – over 3 million national and foreign tourists visited last year. It has also become an important resource for energy companies, both onshore and offshore.

Aside from this, businesses looking to establish themselves in Africa are beginning to view Gran Canaria as an attractive prospect due to its strategic location just off the west coast of Africa and its potential as a stable gateway between Europe, Africa and America.

  • What are the key considerations that businesses should be aware of when looking to invest in Gran Canaria, and what does the island offer compared with other locations?
  • Where do the best opportunities for investment lie in the areas of tourism, energy and other sectors?
  • Is Gran Canaria’s tourism–led economy likely to be driven by other sectors in future?
  • How could Gran Canaria serve as a platform for companies looking to operate in West Africa?

Featuring a keynote address by José Miguel Bravo de Laguna, President of the Government of Gran Canaria, this event will bring together senior policy makers, international business leaders and investors for an informative and insightful discussion about Gran Canaria’s opportunities for foreign investment.

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