Albino, under the shadow of the sun

From 24th January to 17th April 2014 Photographic exhibition at Casa África's halls
Exposición fotográfica en Casa África
Albino, under the shadow of the sun is a photographic exhibition showing the plight of people with albinism living in the African continent, their physical and social problems and their daily lives.

This is a selection of 30 images from the photographer Ana Yturralde who respond to the interest in revealing the story of people who were born with a congenital absence of pigmentation in eyes, skin and hair, belonging to an ethnic group whose ethnic colour is black but whose skin is white.

They are African albinos. Stigmatised and often traumatised, abused, persecuted or marked, they move at the edge of society. They suffer from misunderstanding and rejection from their own world. But the problem goes beyond the social integration and is aggravated by harsh environmental conditions.

Their physical problems are intensified by the lack of means to avoid them. Full protective sunscreens are a luxury, not even sold in much of the continent. Without access to these creams, the sun abuses their skin causing them injuries, blemishes and cancer. Vulnerable to the sun, their eyes become damaged and sunglasses become another item that is often unattainable.

With this project, Casa Africa and the Foundation for Human Rights 10.12.48 intend to draw attention to the situation of this group on the African continent, to sensitise and educate to bring about a change in attitudes and behaviours.

The Foundation for Human Rights 10.12.48 works to promote, protect and defend human rights, primarily using any artistic expression as a means of expression and communication to invite reflection against assault on human dignity and injustice, together with a change in attitude and social participation in finding solutions, developing actions that seek to transform realities through the generation of emotions, the transmission of values ​​and by producing positive and constructive impacts.

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