Dakar Vis-à-Vis

March 18-20, 2010
Dakar Vis a Vis

Dakar Vis-à-Vis is a professional meeting organised by Casa África and the AMS (Senegal Music Works Association) to bring African music closer to Spanish stages. As a result, Dakar will host this meeting that hopes to make new talents known to the Spanish organisers.

The internationalisation of African music is fundamental for the sustainable development of the music sector throughout the continent, which is why Casa África has organised this first edition of Dakar Vis-à-Vis, which will foster the first business meeting between organisers from Spain and musicians from Senegal.
The meeting is sponsored by the Senegalese musician Youssou N Dour, whose musical group has shown its utmost support, enthusiasm and commitment towards this initiative to support the promotion of new Senegalese and African music talents.

This new Casa África project consists of several phases:

1.    Contact in Spain with important individuals from the music industry, festival organisers, managers and record companies.

2.    The search, contact, and digitalisation of music from emerging African artists.

3.    Holding a seminar so that the new artists may better face their efforts towards the international market.

4.    Holding the main event, the Dakar Vis-à-Vis, whose headquarters will be at the Maison de la Culture Douta Seck. This event will consist of professional meeting between musicians and organisers, through individual meetings, as well as an extensive programme of performances in various city establishments so that artists may perform live.

5.    The programme will conclude on the 20th with a large concert at the Plaza de lObelisque, open to the general public, and which will include some of the leading stars of current African music.

Aside from the Senegalese musicians, each edition of Dakar Vis a Vis will include a guest country, which in this first edition, is Mali.

The main objective of Dakar Vis-à-Vis is to guarantee the stability of the African presence in the Spanish market, fostering a framework in which African artists are able to have their ideas, creations and aspirations reach Spanish producers/organisers. The programme searches for the sustainable development of the African music sector, both to improve the conditions with which the musicians carry out their work, as well as to create a foundation that allows to create strategic fabrics and networks that will provide mid and long term results.

Tu es musicien? Tu joues danas un groupe? Tu voudrais être connu en Espagne? C'est ton oportunité!


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