Cape Verde Scene

From 18th September to 20th December 2013 in the Casa África's halls
Escena Caboverdiana

Casa África hosts in its halls, from 18th September until 20th December 2013, the exhibition Cape Verde Scene. With paintings and photographs, this exhibition is the result of several years of research through the Macaronesian archipelago, as we are told by its curator, Orlando Britto Jinorio.

As a result of this research and meetings we have the Cape Verde Scene, which is designed on this scale for Casa África, and brings together three artists who, in the opinion of Britto, have played and play a key role in the development and construction of the country's contemporary art scene:

  • the poet and artist Tchalê  Figueira
  • photographer, writer, filmmaker and artist Leão Lopes
  • the artist and intellectual Irineu Rocha da Cruz.

From Tchale Figueira we have six recently created acrylic paintings on canvas on display (2012-2013), which are in large format and are examples of his unique creative pictorial and poetic universe, where mythological constructions and reflections on the history and present of Cape Verde shake hands. A gestural symphony of colour that shows important scenes of his unique artistic mythology.

Leão Lopes is represented by a selection of photographic works of portraits and landscapes, made ​​between 2007 and 2011, and the screening of his film video Bitú. This film is dedicated to the painter from Cape Verde, Bitú, with a strong presence and recognition of the social and cultural environment of Cape Verde, which helps enrich the view of the country's artistic reality, and is an example of Leão Lopes’ creative film talent, master filmmaker of the documentary genre who has extensive international experience and recognition.

Ireneu Rocha da Cruz is the third artist of those selected for this project, the youngest of them, with broad and intensive training in the field of visual arts, philosophy and art theory, and this is a work that has more conceptual depth, whose bases are also a reflection on the territory and identity of Cape Verdean social and cultural space. It shows a selection of photographs from his series The Perimeter of 2009-2011 and two of his video creations of 2012 in its series Immersions.

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