Presentation of the "African Economic Outlook 2013" report

On 1st July in Madrid and on 2nd July 2013 at Casa África
Presentación del informe 'Perspectivas Económicas de África 2013'

On 1st and 2nd July, the report African Economic Outlook 2013 will be presented.

The African Economic Outlook report, with the acronym AEO is a report that is created annually, an OECD initiative, which includes recent economic, political and social developments in Africa and their short term projections.

This report has been created with the help of the African Development Bank, the Development Centre OECD, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), The United Nations Development Programme and a network of research centres and groups of African experts.

Just as every year Casa África presents this report to make known the economic reality in Sub-Saharan Africa and disseminate international publications which deal with African economies and markets throughout Spain.

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