Johannesburg Vis a Vis

Para participar: del 14 de marzo al 4 de abril 2013. Visita de los programadores a Sudáfrica: del 11 al 13 de abril 2013
Vis a Vis 2013: Johannesburgo-Sudáfrica

Casa África, in collaboration with SAMRO and Spanish Embassy in Southafrica, is once again setting into motion this great opportunity for African musicians.

It consists of the fourth edition of a meeting (the first one took place in Dakar in 2010, the second one in Cape Verde in 2011, and the third one in Ethiopia in 2012)  between African musicians and Spanish producers for improving knowledge about African music on an international level.

The procedure to participate in the meeting is for all the groups to register at the Johannesburg Vis a Vis website. The groups selected will have the opportunity to meet and present their work to Spanish producers at special business meetings, as well as to perform live at the best establishments in the city.

The two groups selected by Spanish producers will be able to perform in Spain.

All the groups interested in participating must register before April 4th at the website and include their music, photographs, videos, biography, news articles and anything they believe to be helpful for the producers to become more familiar with them. The bands selected will perform live in front of the Spanish producers, who will travel to Ethiopia from the 11th to the 13th of April 2013 to meet directly with the groups of their interest, hold business meetings, and watch them perform live.

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